Toddler - 17 months!

8. Jan, 2018

A day in the life of a 17 month old ....... decided to rise slightly later than normal which threw Mummy’s idea of ‘routine’ out of the window from the start.
Breakfast... tried to stuff fruit down my arm cast. (I’ve broken my arm if you don’t know already). Toast and marmite was tasty for 30 seconds then I found it very amusing to throw the rest at Mummy.
Mid morning was very entertaining...... I stuffed a raisin up my nose. Mummy wasn’t as happy about this as I was. Fortunately I sneezed and it fell out. I did try and push FOUR MORE up my nose but Mummy had become wise to it and said ‘no’ a lot.
I made Mummy believe I was hungry at lunchtime. I was presented with a tasty hot lunch. Not hungry really! Shook my head A LOT until Mummy capitulated and gave me a tasty cold buffet.
After my afternoon nap I was re-energised.
Did you know you can draw on kitchen tiles with crayons?
Smacked Nanna and Grandad’s doggie on the nose and generally caused chaos for them at their cottage. Broke a pen/trashed Nanna’s Kindle/tried to pull the front off their DVD player - the usual stuff.
Grandad decided to try to wash my hand..... I shook my head a lot again.
Bedtime came apparently. I had my milk, smacked Mummy on the lip with my cast and decided to paaarty. Eventually my fun was cut short by Mummy carrying me upstairs to bed.
Lying in Mummy and Daddy’s big bed with Mummy singing to me WILL NOT SEND ME TO SLEEP. She didn’t get the message until I smacked her right between the eyes with my cast.
I finally decided to drift off to sleep when I knew Mummy’s pizza had gone cold.
Thanks for reading this loooong post.
Sweet dreams everybody ...... same again tomorrow? Oh yes!
Lots of love, by the way... Mummy said she’s been told there’s ALWAYS one of your children that will keep you on your toes but she wouldn’t have it any other way.