My suggestions for healthy, tasty bites.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of simple recipe ideas for little ones.  Life is so busy,  occasionally it’s useful to have a prepared list of ideas to choose from. I have provided some ideas for you below. I will add new ones each week. I do hope your little ones enjoy my suggestions, my baby loves them all.


Petit Filous, fruit and honey

Porridge with plum jam

Scrambled egg and soldiers

Sausage and beans

Toast and Marmite

Crumpets, butter and honey

Pancakes and fruit


Pasta pesto: Click here for my easy no weighing recipe: 

Soup – see my easy recipe:  

Cheese Scones / muffins, (shop bought), served with cucumber, tomatoes and cheese

Houmous and soft vegetables to dip (If serving veg at dinner too, there’s no harm in using tinned veg warmed through).

Rice, (packet microwave will be fine), peas and sweetcorn, cheese and mild salsa.

Pancakes with jelly or Philadelphia. Shop bought pancakes are fine if you are short on time, but please see my special quick pancake recipe: 

Pitta bread with tuna mayo or smashed hard boiled egg and avocado.

Cheese toastie. I find Wensleydale better than cheddar, as it’s not too greasy.


Here is a list of suggestions and the links to the recipes:

Butternut Squash Pizzas: 

Chicken envelopes: 

Corned beef hash: 

Spaghetti Carbonara 

Chicken Curry 

Cottage Pie 

Stuffed Peppers and sliced cooked meat 

Bubble & Squeak and chicken breast 


Tuna & Potato Bake 


Sliced peppers

Sliced cucumber


Raisins and banana

Cheese cubes

Easy peeler oranges (segments cut in half)

Grapes (cut in half lengthways)