18. Feb, 2018

Being an older Mum

5 things I’ve learned and observed by being an older mum, (& yes it started way before our little treasure was born).

1. Whilst pregnant, being referred to as a ‘Geriatric Mum’, and my particular favourite from my consultant ‘No Spring Chicken’. (I turned this into a positive and I mentally challenged him to mention my decrepit chicken status at every appointment! Of course I never mentioned this challenge to him as he was a bit scary).

2. Baby shower - For the older mum it is vital that her friends remember their reading glasses to read all the crazy games you play, like baby & pregnancy related word searches and crosswords.

3. Being ‘handled with extra care’ by the midwives when in labour. Good job delivery wasn’t by Yodel.

4. My body not pinging back into shape like those yummy mummies in their 20s & 30s. I can hear my metabolism shouting, ‘you want me to speed up do you? Well pass me my zimmer frame’.

5. Wondering whether the sweaty hotness I’m feeling is due to the struggle I had ramming a rigid, screaming toddler into his pushchair or a hot flush.

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