Pregnancy after loss

I am going to write a full piece on this subject, but I felt I wanted to share my tips about how just a few little things helped me through my last pregnancy and produce a Rainbow baby.

I was a nervous wreck throughout my entire pregnancy. If I had a twinge I would wonder if it was something to worry about. If I didnt feel anything I was worried too. It was a never ending rollercoaster of emotions. 

At 11 weeks I had a scare and thought that was it. It wasn't thankfully, but all I can say is those first 13 weeks are tough and if you can do just the smallest thing to help, (or think you might be helping), it might just make it slightly easier for you to cope with all the emotions you will be feeling.

I cannot give you a definite answer if you are looking for that ultimate tip to save a miscarriage, because there isnt one. What I will tell you is that with my last pregnancy I tried to be as healthy as possible and there were 4 things I did to help my body stay healthy and ultimately help my little prawn develop properly and my pregnancy continue.

The 4 things were:

1. No chocolate whatsoever. I love a bit of chocolate but my will power was amazing during the first trimester. I looked at a bar of chocolate and was not tempted in the slightest. Was this intuition or just not giving into tempation? I don't know. I have no evidence but I am convinced it helped.

2. No coffee. I'm not a huge coffee drinker but, as with chocolate, I stopped drinking it completely. 

3. Pregnacare Vitamins. I took these everyday without fail. Again, I have no eveidence to prove this helped me to have a healthy pregnancy but, after 10 miscarriages, I managed to grow a very healthy human. It's got to be worth a try.

4. This last one is quite obvious. No alcohol. As soon as I suspected there was a chance I could be pregnant I steered clear of all alcohol. The facts speak for themselves. No amount of alcohol is good for a developing foetus and I wasn't going to risk it.

During the first trimester I rested a lot. I know this can be difficlut with family commitments but I was lucky to have great support and our other 2 children were that little bit older. They were able to help me out and even get themselves organised for activities and make simple food choices themselves. My doctor told me it would make no difference if I was to lie down, a miscarriage would happen whatever position I was in BUT I did rest, I did lie down when I felt my tummy was aching. I put my feet up and put my baby first. 

We will never know if any of the above helped protect my tiny prawn and help him grow into the healthy, energetic, bundle of joy he is today, but I am writing this to give ladies who are now in the position I was in a little bit of a lift. I know what thoughts you have in your head, I know you expected your pregnancy to be full of joy and, after a miscarriage, sometimes it feels like an uphill struggle. These tips are just that - tips! There is no real answer but give them a try and see if they help. Ooh and please let me know how you get on xx