Mother's Day card

I have chosen this simple and quick activity especially for very young children. If your child is like mine they will love the glue stick!

For this activity you will need:

A4 piece of coloured card

1 piece of green card

1 piece of shiny card

Coloured tissue paper

A4 white paper

Glue stick

Sharpie pen

Before you begin to make this with your toddler please do the following;

Fold the A4 coloured card in half.

Cut the green card into 8 thin strips.

Draw a flowerpot in pencil on the front of the card.

Write Happy Mother’s Day at the top of the card.

Cut the A4 white paper down to size, so it fits into the middle of the open card, like an insert.

 Now you can let your toddler do the following;

  1. Glue and stick the green strips down so they look like flower stems.
  2. Scrunch tissue paper and stick on the top of the stems to make flowers.
  3. Glue the shiny piece of card on to the top of the flowerpot you have drawn.  This will hide the bottom of the stems.
  4. Glue the white paper on the inside as an insert to write a message on.

Your card is finished and ready for Mother’s Day.