Colour sorting

This is a lovely activity to sit quietly with your little and let them discover colours. It’s also a great way of discovering colours with no mess! I find it very rewarding to see my little one pick up a coloured disc, match it to the same colour and place it in the right tub. It’s all about discovering and learning so enjoy this magical time with your toddler.

You will need:

4 plastic tubs

Coloured discs or pieces of lego – Red, Green, Blue & Yellow

To start place 2 discs of the same colour into a tub. Repeat with the other 3 tubs.

Now give your toddler a disc and ask them to place it in the correct container.

Tell them the name of the colour each time they have a disc in their hand.

Initially, you may have to guide their hand to the correct container, but in a short time you will see them grasp the concept and match colours independently.