Easter Bunny pot

This is a lovely Easter activity that your child will love to create and afterwards will be delighted to see you are using it!

You will need:

A plastic or glass pot or jar

Shredded tissue paper

Glue & glue pot

Coloured pom poms

Coloured foam



Before you begin please do the following:

Cut the foam into shapes required for the eyes, nose, ears and cheeks

Cut the ribbon to the length required

Now let your child have fun glueing the different parts to the pot to make a face

Put the tissue inside the pot

Tie the ribbon around the top of your pot

If your child is young like mine and won't sit still for long then that's it! Finished!

If your child would like to add more then why not add pipe cleaners for whiskers and more pom poms.

Once completed, it can be used as a pen pot or, if your take the tissue, out a beautiful bunch of daffodils would look great inside!