Chore Board

This is a great way to encourage younger members of the household to be tidy and help a little around the house. Of course, it is not absolutely vital they do any of the tasks you list on your chore board, BUT what a wonderful help it will be if you discover the dishwasher has been emptied or toys have been tidied away!

Make the reward something they desire. The wifi code will work wonders with age appropriate kids! A little pocket money may tempt them to help or a tasty bag of popcorn and movie, who could resist!

My older 2 children are very capable of helping around the house, but like most children in double figures they try hard not to! This chore board has made all our lives easier. Instead of me ranting and raving at them to help me they are happy to help as we reward them 50p per chore. That’s not all, they also need to make sure they have a minimum of 10 stars on the board come Saturday morning or the wifi code is changed and/or access to electronics is not allowed for the following week. You may think 50p a chore can add up and you are right it does! To combat giving them too much money, for their sake not ours, as we want them to appreciate the value of money we have a fining system too. 50p for shoes or coats left lying around. £1 for an untidy bedroom. It soon equals out to a more manageable amount of pocket money each week.

This particular chore board was £2 from Asda so not really much money to spend to perhaps enjoy a more peaceful & tidy life!