Easter Eggs

Here is a handy family review on Easter eggs. I choose reasonably priced eggs from various manufacturers.  My family had helped with the review.  My team of tasters included four adults and two children. The children’s ages were 12 and 10.  We gave each egg a score out of 10 for the following:

Colour/appearance, taste/flavour, aroma, texture in the mouth, aftertaste and packaging.

The 6 eggs reviewed were:

Cadbury’s Heroes, Green and Blacks milk chocolate egg, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Alfie Bunny from Marks and Spencers and Thornton’s classic.

Each egg could potentially score a maximum of 360 points.  Our results were as follows:

1st place:             Alfie Bunny                         271

2nd place:           Cadbury’s                           270

3rd place:            Green and Blacks              267

4th place:            Thornton’s                         254

5th place:            Waitrose                            251

6th place:            Sainsbury’s                         247

So Alfie from M&S won.  He scored highly for colour/appearance as you would expect.  Interestingly, all the adult testers gave him a 7 for taste but the children scored him higher with 9s.

Please see below the individual marks and comments.

Alfie Bunny


Colour 8.6, Taste 7.3, Smell 6.8, Texture 7.8, Aftertaste 7.5, Packaging 7.5.

We all agreed Alfie looked cute and would appeal to children.  The egg was not too sweet and didn’t have a very strong aroma.  The chocolate was thick and gave quite a strong aftertaste but not an unpleasant one.  There was no lingering chocolate in the mouth.  Alfie does not come with any extras, but with his simple but effective design it was our favourite.  Available at M&S for £6.

Cadbury’s Heroes


Colour 7.6, Taste 7.8, Smell 7.8, Texture 6.8, Aftertaste 7.3, Packaging 7.6.

This egg actually beat Alfie in a few categories and the final result was very close.  We all agreed there was a creamy texture and the chocolate was quite sweet.  The egg itself was made with thick chocolate but again we agreed it left a sticky, cloying feel to the mouth afterwards.  It had a strong chocolate aroma but one tester commented it didn’t have “the Cadbury taste”.  This may be because this particular egg was made in Ireland, so will have probably had different tasting milk added to it.  It is good value for money especially as it comes with eight individual chocolates.  The packaging was appealing with a picture of the chocolate bursting out of a cracked egg.  Available in all supermarkets priced around £3.

Green and Blacks


Colour 8.1, Taste 8, Smell 7.3, Texture 7.1, Aftertaste 7.3, Packaging 7.

Probably the most surprising egg of the 6 tasted, Green and Blacks have made a milk chocolate egg taste very similar to a dark chocolate one.  It was a much more bitter than we all expected, which provided not only a rich dark taste but an aroma that was more like dark chocolate too.  Lovely thick chocolate but no extras and in our opinion it would appeal more to adults than children.  The packaging could have shown more of the chocolate egg inside but overall a great tasting egg for adults who are not huge fans of milk chocolate but wouldn’t enjoy a heavy dark chocolate either.  Available in most supermarkets for around £4.00.



Colour 7.6, Taste 7, Smell 7, Texture 7, Aftertaste 7, Packaging 7.6.

The classic Thorntons egg is a lovely shape.  Much thinner in shape than a traditional egg but the actual chocolate was still quite thick.  Some tasters couldn’t really pick up on a strong aroma, however others thought it had a luxurious chocolate smell.  The taste was not too milky or creamy with quite a smooth texture, although this did produce a certain amount of cloying in the mouth afterwards.  The egg has 7 individual chocolates included and the packaging details what these chocolates are, which is very useful.  The colours and images on the packaging are quite feminine, therefore the perfect Easter gift for ladies!  Available at most supermarkets for around £4.


Colour 7.6, Taste 7.5, Smell 5.5, Texture 6.2, Aftertaste 6.7, Packaging 7.8.

Waitrose have produced a pretty little owl for Easter this year. Unfortunately the packaging promised a lot more than what was actually delivered.  Mini eggs made up part of this egg, so if they are not your cup of tea this egg may not be for you.  However, it was an effective marketing tool as the mini eggs could be seen through the packaging.  The egg was made with Belgian chocolate and therefore tasted very different to the other eggs in this review.  The chocolate was fairly thin with the light aroma, not a strong chocolate smell at all.  After tasting other chocolate some testers were left wanting more flavour out of this egg.  It was rather weak compared to the sweet taste of other eggs.  If you love Belgian chocolate this is the egg for you, but if you’re expecting a huge cocoa flavour then go for a classic milk chocolate egg.



Colour 7, Taste 7, Smell 6.7, Texture 6.7, Aftertaste 5.7, Packaging 5.8.

At the bottom end of the budget was the egg from Sainsbury’s.  The chocolate was quite thin but for the price this could be forgiven.  Although the taste was not too sweet, a few of our testers thought the aroma produced quite a sickly, sweet smell.  We all agreed the packaging was very appealing for children especially as a packet of chocolate buttons was included inside!  Great value egg but does not stand up taste wise against branded chocolate.  Available at Sainsbury’s for 80p.

In summary, although Alfie Bunny from Marks and Spencers won our overall taste test, it was interesting to see the individual scores.  All of the eggs offered something different to individuals tasting them.  Chocolate is a personal choice and with so many on the market we are all spoilt for choice when choosing our chocolate Easter treats.  I hope this review provides an insight into just a few eggs you might decide to take home with you this Easter.  Happy Easter!