Holiday Tips

Holiday top tips.

Top tips for travelling with a toddler would be a whole other blog! Below are just a few things to add to your holiday planning to hopefully help you make a start with your preparations for a relaxing holiday!

Ipads! Before children I never thought I would need one BUT they are a real help should you find you need to calm a toddler down, especially in hot weather where they need to stay in the shade. Don’t feel guilty about using an ipad. Pack one. You might not use it but take it for those moments you need a quick fix! Don’t forget the charger too!

Medicine. Always pack the Calpol but if you have children 6 years or older why not try the Calpol Six Plus sachets? No need for syringes or glass bottles. They don’t take up too much room and won’t leak.

Milk. If you are going abroad take advantage of pre ordering milk from Boots. Pick it up once you are through security and in departures. Make sure you order from Airside stores. Currently you can take 2 tubs or 56 ready-to-drink cartons of baby milk. You can also order other holiday essentials such as sun cream and nappies. You are allowed to take a bag containing all your purchases as well as your normal hand luggage bag. Don’t order any sharp things as you will get these confiscated and please check with airports if you are in transit at any point during your journey as this may affect what you can take for your onward journey.

Extra bag for suncream. This is an obvious tip but one I’m going to share with you anyway as, with a 2 year old, I find it extremely useful when I need to have things to hand quickly! I have bottles of factor 50 for our 2 year old but bottles of factor 30 for the rest of us. They used to be rattling around my big handbag along with my purse, phone, lipstick, Calpol, wet wipes plus all those other bits Mums find at the bottom of their bags like toys cars and chewed food! I now have all sun cream in a separate small canvas bag. This is ideal as when I need it I can see the canvas bag straight away, so no swirling stuff around to fish the bottles out, and if the bottles get a little greasy it doesn’t matter as they are stored in their own bag rather than my handbag!