Blow Football Game

Blow Football Game

This is a great activity for toddlers to get involved in World Cup fever!

You will need:

A small box (search supermarkets for the best size!)

Green Paper, cut to fit the base of the box

White paper, cut into 2 half moon shapes for goals & 1 thin strip for the centre line

1 small polystyrene ball

2 different coloured straws

Photos of footballers cut out of magazines

A small photo or picture of a football

Glue stick

Before you begin this activity with your child make sure you have cut the paper into the required shapes, as stated above.

You can now do the following with your toddler:

Glue one side of the green paper & stick it to the inside base of the box

Glue one side of the white half moons and stick them at either end of the boxes, as shown on the photo.

Glue one side of the thin white strip and glue it halfway along the base of the box to form the centre line.

Glue on side of the small football picture and stick it on the centre line

Glue the footballer photos down to both sides of the centre line, as shown on the photo.

Place the football into the box and using the straws enjoy your own blow football World Cup!