Paultons Park

Paultons Park is the UK’s number one family theme park with over 70 exciting rides and attractions to enjoy. It is home to the UK exclusive and world’s first Peppa Pig World with 9 fun Peppa-themed rides, a large indoor Playzone and even Muddy Puddles to jump and play in!

You will also find the Lost Kingdom, which is a Jurassic land and home to the mighty Flight of the Pterosaur suspended rollercoaster, the thrilling Velociraptor coaster, lifelike moving Dinosaurs set within a realistic prehistoric backdrop.

The park is set within 140 acres on the edge of the New forest with themed areas such as Peppa Pig World, Little Africa, Lost kingdom and Critter Creek.

There is something for all the family with a huge variety of things to see and do including; big rides, small rides, play areas, entertainments and an astonishing collection of animals and birds.

Let’s look at what the park has to offer in more detail.

What could be more special for your little one than a visit to Peppa Pig's very own theme Park!

It’s the world’s largest and first Peppa Pig World with 9 rides! There’s a chance to meet Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig with photograph opportunities on the veranda in front of the school house. You can also book an early play pass which allows you and your little ones to enter the park an hour before the general public, have a personal meet & greet with Peppa and George and play in the park with them. Your early ticket will allow visitors to access the rides about 15 minutes before the gates open to the public and before the queues build up.

Paulton’s have added 2 new rides to Peppa Pig World. The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride will take families on a tour around the newly extended part of Peppa Pig World in individual coaches on a monorail that starts from the top of the Queen’s castle, a signature point of the attraction. Children and parents will also be able to hop aboard boats at Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club where they can cruise along the new water route around Peppa Pig World and discover Pirate Island.

The other rides included within Peppa Pig world are:

George’s Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pig’s Car Ride, Grandpa Pig’s Little Train, Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip, Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride and Windy Castle Ride. All are suitable for little ones. You will also find Trekking Tractors for any budding farmers to ride upon!

There is also a large indoor soft play area with a variety of activities to entice little legs to climb, slide or explore the wonders of Peppa’s recycling centre! Kick off the shoes but please remember to keep socks on.

Mr Potato’s Playground offers an outdoor adventure with slides, tunnels and a roundabout to keep Peppa’s fans occupied, whilst the Muddy Puddle section of the playground is a must on a hot day! Don’t forget to bring swim wear, a towel and a change of clothes! If you do forget anything there is a shop selling swim wear and towels along with clothing and other Peppa merchandise situated a short distance from the playground.

There are numerous places to buy food and drink, including a good selection of items to make up a children’s meal deal. The baby changing facilities are very good and include changing mats for multiple use, rather than having to wait for the whole room to become available, plus 2 toilets with small seats inside the cubicles for little ones to sit on and wait for you!

A short walk away from all the fun Peppa can offer is Little Africa.

This houses a number of animals native to the continent, including Fennec fox, African crested porcupines, meerkats, Savannah monitor lizards and giant train millipedes, as well as one of the largest rodents in Africa, the Gambian pouched rat, and also the smallest, the African pygmy mouse. At the centre of Little Africa is an impressive aviary where a mix of bird species such as the trumpeter hornbills, Madagascan teal and black-crowned night herons, will share the same environment that has been designed to replicate an African waterhole.

Another feature is the walk-through aviary. Visitors are able to go inside the aviary and be with the unique birds. Plus the nocturnal house is a magnificent indoor area where you and your family can enter the dark to see a variety of animals in a low light environment.

My 2 year old was fascinated with the animals he saw in Little Africa. This is a new area that has been added this year and in my opinion is well worth a look!

Leaving Little Africa and Peppa Pig World to explore the rest of the park you will find the Humboldt penguins to fascinate and entertain. The pool has an underwater viewing area which means everyone can see these beautiful creatures happily swimming around their pool. If you time it right you can catch one of the keepers feeding them and giving an interesting talk about them and the great work the park are doing regarding the welfare of penguins.

Critter Creek is another themed area within Paulton’s Park and is home to the Cat-o-pillar rollercoaster discover enormous colourful plants and animals the likes of which have never been seen before. The exhilarating coaster swoops and rises up to 10 metres high – it’s a perfect family coaster to enjoy together. It’s great fun and a little more gentle than the bigger rollercoasters!

At Critter Creek you will also find Professor Blast’s Expedition Express Train, a delightful journey for the little ones, along with Beastie Burrow, a real life bug emporium with fascinating and unusual insects, fish and lizards. Meet Eric our friendly Chameleon and see if you can spot the bright orange and white clown fish.

For older children and adult you will find bigger rides over at The Lost Kingdom. It is home to a whole host of Dinosaur attractions including two world class roller coasters, lifelike animatronic Dinosaurs, Jurassic themed family rides, a prehistoric Dinosaur adventure play park and an amazing opportunity to come face to face with our 'living' walking animatronic Dinosaurs! Thrill seekers can soar high into the skies upon on The Flight of the Pterosaur, a mighty and unique 395m suspended dinosaur coaster, which takes family adventurers swooping high and low around the prehistoric landscape with speeds over 30mph! If that’s not enough to whet your adrenaline seeking thirst then why not try the Velociraptor? Only the bravest explorers will take this ride on! Board this breath-taking dinosaur family coaster and sense the speed and agility of the Velociraptor as it drops from 20m in the air and sweeps around tight bends with speeds of up to 40 mph before reversing to do it all again!

Other attractions in this area include:

Dino Chase which is A prehistoric junior roller coaster, perfect for young adventurers who love dinosaurs.

The Dinosaur Tour Co. Sign up at the Dinosaur Tour Co. for a 4x4 Jurassic jeep expedition and come face to face with some of the largest and most fearsome dinosaurs to have walked the planet.

For children aged 3 – 8 years old there is A dinosaur-themed outdoor adventure play park area for young children, featuring climbing frames, slides and dinosaur footprints also, uncover rare fossils in the sand pit!

Anyone over 0.9m can ride Temple Heights which is also situated within The Lost Kingdom. Younger explorers can enjoy iconic views across the park on this ride as it swoops and rises from land to sky.

The final ride in this area is Boulder dash. I have to say I wasn’t keen to ride this one as it gently turns round and round! I’m not good with getting dizzy!! For those wishing to take it on your will find yourself swirling between boulders and dinosaur eggs. As you enter the ride you can choose between riding in a huge dinosaur egg or giant stone then it’s get set go on this swirling Boulder-Dash ride.

Other rides across the park include:


The Cobra is the Park's wildest family rollercoaster. The Cobra is the only coaster of its type in the UK and features a crazy mix of thrilling drops, exhilarating spirals, amazing turns and breath-taking 'camel humps'. This 'fangtastic' coaster is sure to be a big hit with all the family!

The Edge.

Riders swoop and spin through the air reaching a height of 15 metres on a giant disc travelling along a 90 metre track at 43mph! The first in the UK, Edge features a 'camelback' hill to create an amazing floating sensation! Things will never be quite the same again once you have ridden on The Edge!

Raging River Log Flume

A thrilling log flume that gives two mighty drops, the highest at 11 metres! You hit the water at over 35mph with a huge splash!


Hidden beneath the silently smoking volcano MAGMA awaits. Only the brave enter the caverns of molten rock and discover the Jurassic secret entombed below. When MAGMA erupts adventurers rise up and spin out from the smoke 25 metres into the clear sky above, only to face a stomach churning plunge back into the fiery heart of the mountain below!

Sky Swinger.

Hold on tight as the awesome Sky Swinger takes you for a spin! This beautifully hand-decorated ride also features special double seats so that smaller children don't miss the fun and can enjoy the ride with Mum or Dad!

Victorian Carousel.

Children and adults of all ages will love riding on the traditional galloping horses or in one of the ornate carriages. This magical, hand-crafted Carousel will transport guests back in time to enjoy the most iconic fairground ride of all, set in a beautiful period-themed garden.

Pirate Ship.

A swashbuckling ride in this exciting swingboat which reaches an angle of 60 degrees on either side! Not for the faint-hearted! 

Seal Falls.

Children will love this mini log flume! Step aboard one of the seal-shaped boats for a super ride through the igloo tunnel and down the mini waterfall!

Viking Boats.

Viking dragons with big teeth decorate the prows of the boats on this splashy water ride. Aimed at young children with grown-ups.


Feel the excitement of riding the high seas without ever leaving dry land! The unique swinging and swirling motion of the Kontiki raft is sure to leave you in a spin!

Tea Cups.

Go for a spinning ride in one of the big teacups - see if it makes you giddy!!!

Dragon Roundabout

Ride the fiery dragon for the spin of your life - both forwards and backwards!

Digger Ride

The ultimate ride for kids who long to drive a digger! Climb aboard and drive around the construction site.

If you still want more from your visit to Paulton’s Park you won’t be disaapointed. There really is something for the whole family. If it is possible to fit anymore activities in then you will find a whole host of relaxing walks through themed gardens, around a water mill or the lake and weir. Visit the impressive collection of birds or have a family challenge of the crazy golf course! Children can try their hand at panning for gold and receive a medal for the efforts or of course if they have any more energy to burn off then let them loose on the bouncy castle and trampolines or explore Tiny Tots Town, (0-5 year olds), or Percy’s Play Park and House, (5 – 13 year olds).

As mentioned previously, there is a small water park, ‘Muddly Puddles’, within Peppa Pig World but if the older ones want to have some fun in the water then head to Water Kindgom! Kids will love splashing around in a whole world of water jets, giant tipping buckets, fountains, and super soakers. The huge 8500 square foot kids' splash park paradise features over 40 different ways of getting wet and a seated patio area nearby so parents can relax whilst watching the fun!

Add Go Karting, the 4D cinema and a ride on the Rio Grande Train and I think you will find you’ve had a fabulous day out that will entertain and amuse all the family.

After all that fun you may decide to unwind by visiting the Discovery Trail. Take a stroll through the wooded trail as it weaves through trees and marshes.Ther new Discovery Trail has been built to encourage all manner of species native to the New Forest to set up home. With interactive boards along the route and over 40 bird and bat boxes.

Obviously visitors are welcome to bring a picnic but to be perfectly honest it takes me long enough to get my husband and 3 children up, out and in the car without having to think about packing food too so on our visits to the park we have relied on the restaurants and cafes to fuel us! There is plenty of choice from sandwiches to hot food, ice cold drinks, coffees and the family favourite.... ice cream! Peppa Pig world is home to Miss Rabbits ice cream kiosk! There are also microwaves on hand should you need them for your little one’s favourite dish!

If you do decide to take a picnic, Paultons Park have built a brand new  450 seat covered area just outside Peppa Pig World, next to the railroad diner.

As you arrive or leave the park please do go and see the Floating Globe. The new 'plaza' entrance area was created in 2008 to mark the Park's 25th anniversary. The spacious entry to the Park features the fascinating Floating Globe. Measuring 1.5 metres in diameter it is the largest of its type in UK. The Floating Globe is made of solid granite and weighs 6.5 tonnes, yet it 'floats' on jets of waters and can be turned with the touch of a finger - it is truly amazing.

So what does it cost and what are the ride restrictions?

A 1 day advance ticket costs:                                      A 1 day ticket bought on the day costs:

Individual                            £29.25                                                Individual                            £34.25

Family of 3                         £85.25                                                Family of 3                         £100.25

Family of 4                         £113.00                                             Family of 4                         £133.00

Family of 5                         £141.25                                             Family of 5                         £166.25

Senior 60+                          £26.75                                                Senior 60+                          £31.75

Under 1 metre tall            FREE                                                   Under 1 metre tall            FREE

Alternatively, you can buy a season ticket. This provides you with unlimited access to the park plus 20% off food and drink and 10% off in the gift shops. Prices are:

Individual             £118

Senior 60+           £110

There is an option to buy a 2 day ticket along with VIP tickets. Paulton’s also offer short breaks. There isn’t a hotel located on sight so the short break offer includes a stay in a hotel close by. Please see Paulton’s website for more details.

There also special events throughout the year, such as Halloween and Christmas fun!

Ride Restrictions:

All the ride in Peppa Pig World have no restrictions.

There are restrictions on some of the other rides. I have listed these for you below:

Cobra                                  1.1m                    Wave Runner                     0.9m

The Edge                            1.2m                     Pirate Ship                          0.9m

River Rapids                       0.95                      Kontiki                                 0.9m

Magma                               1.1m                     Dragon Roundabout        0.9m

Sky Swinger                        1.0m                     Temple Heights                 0.9m

Cat-o-piller Coaster         0.9m                     Tea Cups                             0.75

Flight of the Pterosaur    1.0m                     Velociraptor                      1.0m

Go Karts                              1.1m

There are also age restrictions on some of the play areas:

Tiny Tots Town                                0 - 5 years old

Percy’s Play Park and House         5 – 13 years old

The 4D cinema has a few rules too:

Must be able to use own seat unaided.

Children under 8 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

The cinema can be loud and dark in some places. They advise this that this attraction may not be suitable for young or timid children.

My family love visiting Paulton’s Park and we always run out of time to get round the whole park. I suspect it’s because our youngest child, at 2 years old, loves Peppa Pig World and is quite happy to spend his entire day there, but your oldest 2 children are 11 and 13 years old and prefer the bigger rides. We have to plan so everyone gets to experience all the rides and attractions. I know some families will think the entrance cost is a little pricey but you do get an awful lot for your money. My advice is plan your day ahead of your visit to get the most out the park. Enjoy it. Making memories with your children is the best way to spend your day!

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