KOH Cleaning - Effortless and Easy Cleans!

Cleaning. Love it? Hate it?

Facebook ads . Love them? Hate them?

It's not very often I will answer ‘yes ‘to both of those things! Koh however, managed to breakthrough my ‘Huh Facebook! Quit with the ads!’ attitude. I had seen Koh pop up so much I decided to investigate further. I liked what I saw. I was impressed with their claims of sparkling results with minimal effort, but I also liked the idea that this company was founded by two Dads who wanted to just make cleaning simple and ensure the products they used in their homes were completely safe around their children.

I ordered a huge box of cleaning goodies! The advertisements claim Koh can bring cleaning into the 21st century. I was curious.  I'm not a huge fan of cleaning. Anything that makes it easy and quick is fine by me.

I opened the box feeling little dubious. I had seen all the videos telling me how fabulous Koh was, I had even watched my Niece on her private Facebook page show how it cut through grease on her oven. She felt compelled to share her discovery with her friends and family, a little like I feel compelled to share my discovery with you now.

So, would my recent purchase live up to expectations?

The box contained a four litre box of Koh universal surface cleaner, a spray mop, 3 diamond sponges, an atomiser and micro fibre cloths. The 4 litre box of cleaner looks like a wine box and works on the same principle. I filled the handy atomiser and spent an hour, yes an hour, spraying it on various services to test out this new cleaning kid on the block.

To my astonishment it actually worked! More than that it made cleaning a joy! No nasty chemical odours, no manic scrubbing. It was effortless. My kitchen had never been so clean. The oven now sparkles, my microwave had a nasty spill right in the middle - left by over enthusiastic teenager mis-timing baked beans and leaving it to dry! With a few sprays from the atomiser and a quick wipe it was gone. The microwave now actually looks brand new!

We have granite surfaces. They had started to look a little dull. Not anymore! In fact, I loved the finish Koh left so much, that when the children were eating at our island, I found myself hovering behind them to wipe any spills away!

We also have an induction hob which is sometimes a nightmare to keep clean. I very often find other cleaning products leave streaks. Koh dealt with the hob with ease. All greasy marks gone with a wipe of the cloth and completely streak free in about 1 minute.

Koh claim this cleaning product can be used on windows, kitchen worktops and painted services for light cleans. For more heavy cleans, try it on ovens, cookers and showers . It can also be used on floors with the very useful spray mop. The mop was easy to put together, I filled up the tank from the 4 litre box of universal cleaner, pressed the trigger on the handle of the mop a few times and off I went! We live in the forest and our children run in and out of the house all of the time. We have tried a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule but it doesn’t work, we still get a fair amount of unwanted dirt coming in. We make sure our floors get cleaned regularly, but after one round with Koh, it’s safe to say the cloths will need a visit to the washing machine before I use them again and our floors have a new look about them!

I haven’t found any ‘organic stains and odours’ yet but Koh advise, a heavy spray left for a few minutes, then a dab with a dry Koh cloth should neutralise the lot.

Adam and Justin, the founders of Koh, have thought of everything. The cloths that are included within the box obviously will need a clean after a few times around the house. Just pop them into your washing machine and line dry to bring them back to new.

I am very impressed with this product. I have received no financial gain by writing this review. I feel it is important, especially with children around, that cleaning is safe and efficient. I believe this project ticks all the boxes for a busy modern family. I am delighted I have discovered it and wanted to share my thoughts with you. m

Koh are currently offering 50% off their bundles. For more information please visit www.koh.com