The Elf is back!

So he's back! As if we don't have enough to think about at this time of year, we now heap more responsibilty on ourselves by trying to think of things the newest additon to the family can get up to during the nights of December! Also, we actually have to remember to help the elf do naughty things and make a mess for us to clear up in the morning!! Why do we do this?.....The look on our children's faces & the pure magic it creates is enough!

Last Minute Mummy has turned herself into your own festive helper. Think of me as a cross between Mother Christmas and the elf who thinks GINgle Bells is a much better option than Jingle Bells! Below you will find over 50 suggestions on what your elf could get up to on his or her nightly adventures! Clearly you only need 24 but not every suggestion will be possible for all households so go ahead and choose your favourites!

The first appearance is very exciting so what about discovering a bag of love hearts and message from Father Christmas explaining what the elf is there for? (To ensure good behavior and feed back to the big man!)

Eating chocolate and smeared around the Elf’s face / table

Elf leaning against hot choc ingredients – packet of hot choc, marshmallows, choc drops, etc

Parachute from a lamp shade with a treat

Paper chain with chains corresponding to days left before the big day

Tangled in toilet paper

Stuck in the ice maker (if you have one on your fridge)

Make a bed in a box of tissues

Popcorn party – popcorn spilt across the kitchen!

Marshmallow bath – small toy bath, filed with mini marshmallows with elf inside

Fishing from the sink – using fish shaped food 

Zip line

Drinking maple syrup

Playing a game like connect four with a teddy

Elf and an army fighting a battle – army could stick elf to wall or floor

Candy cane swing – large candy cane, string, hang up and sit elf on!

Writing in the sink with toothpaste

Hidden candy canes in the room ‘I have hidden 5 candy canes please find them’

Tangled in Christmas lights

Snow angels – flour on the kitchen surface, elf doing a snow angel.

Cheerio tinsel / pipe cleaner garland – feed cheerios onto string/pipe cleaner etc

Pegging his clothes out

Flicking through the Argos catalogue

Head in a bag of sweets – empty wrappers thrown across the floor!

Driving a toy car

Snowball fight with another toy using mini marshmallows and lego walls to hide behind

Wrapping a present or sitting with a present

Drawing on the bananas

Baking cookies – ingredients either ready to use or a mess made and cookies waiting to be eaten!

Writing Christmas cards - perhaps one to your child

Hide and seek in the tree – leave a note to say find me

Reading a book to toys

Toasting something in toaster

Leave Christmas Eve boxes

Ingredients ready to make pancakes for breakfast

Underpants hung on the Christmas tree

Stilt walking with wrapping paper rolls

Christmas letter pack – do this early in December in time to send to Father Christmas

Turn milk pink – red food colouring! Naughty Elf!

Riding a toy reindeer

Dipping candy canes into chocolate spread

Hammock made with a scarf

Cinnamon sticks as fire wood – pretending to be warming around the fire

Igloo made of sugar cubes to hide in

Candy cane sledge being pulled by toy pets

Hiding inside the cereal container / box

Flying on a paper airplane or glider

Milk and cookies left as a treat

Christmas treasure hunt – place clues around the house and give first clue to the elf

Balloon with days until Christmas on it or foil number on balloon

Dog biscuit for the dog

Donutsleft for breakfast

Riding a toy train

Clues given to find advent books (see advent book suggestion)