Hi. I'm Sophie, married, mum of 3 beautiful children, 45 years old, who had a very big surprise package born in June 2016.

I've had my fair share of miscarriages, 10 in total, so it was a complete shock when I became pregnant in 2015. Statistically, there was only a 5% chance at my age that this baby would even make it to the starting block. Add my unfortunate losses into the mix & it's safe to say we’ve thrown those particular stats out of the window. Who wants to be a statistic anyway? I like a challenge.

And so it began. Mid 40s and life as a family of 5.

I'd love you to stop by and read about my pregnancy, (the highs & lows of pregnancy after losses), the birth, yes we all have our story, unique & wonderful. I chose to write about this one as I am 'no spring chicken' and I hope it entertains you! You will also find snippets about life with a 12 year old daughter, (thinks she’s 17), a 10 year old son, (loves just being 10) & a toddler, who has blessed all our lives but we can’t seem to find an on/off switch or volume control.

All written from the ‘older mummy’ point of view, with obvious love and affection along with funny moments, (hopefully!), and a dash of desperation & frustration with which all parents will identify.

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I hope you enjoy my updates. 

Sophie x 

ps: I hope you like the photo. Daddy and Son - my wonderful husband and our miracle baby.